Kristiana LepseThe trade mark K&K CONCEPT basis is to create individually developed design things for a specific interior or environment.

The main design objects of K&K CONCEPT are created in one or similar duplicates and they are art works by the artist – designer Kristiana Kazarjana Lepse.

Kristiana was born and grown up in Latvia , acquired higher education in fashion design , advertising and interior design. She is a member of Latvia Designer Association.
„My work is daily connected with private and public interior projects but in my free time I paint or create various decorative things for interior. Every day in my life is creative and originated with new ideas. I am truly happy because my work is my hobby. I love my work therefore I wake up every morning inspired for new challenges and open to creative projects.

I love challenges and unconventional solutions for that reason I am not afraid of complicated projects and difficulties. All my projects are a part of mine, my enjoyment and my life.

Light is considered one of the most essential tools in my work , harmonious , tasteful common images and accents can be created with its help. I am inspired by nature, interesting people and journeys.

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